Created in 2004 in the glow of the Année des Arts du cirque [the year of circus arts] by those who would later become the first National Circus Arts Centres, Territoires de Cirque is an association of nearly forty organizations that support the emergence, creation, and presentation of the circus. Open to all aesthetics of live or specialized performances, these organizations include research laboratories, national or subsidized stage venues, city-run theaters, cultural services and heritage sites, and production establishments.


The strength of Territoires de Cirque lies in its openness, which is evident in the diversity of its members, who operate in peri-urban and rural as well as urban areas. Our understanding of the stakes in these various environments is one of the forces behind our search for shared solutions with local governments and other public partners to further cultural democratization and decentralization.
Our association is ruled by principles of sharing, discussion, and cohesion. We respect multiple artistic points of view and try to strike a fair balance in our relationships with artists and independent companies. We therefore take an ethical, prospective approach to production to keep up with the economic changes in this industry as best as we can.


Due to shifts in public policy and regional boundaries, as well as budget cuts, the cultural world is undergoing profound changes. To meet the new challenges posed by these changes, Territoires de Cirque is working in a cooperative spirit to strengthen the role art and culture play in society.

The circus deserves special attention because it still has fewer means at its disposal than do other artistic fields. Its specificities—including creation under a big top—call for new economic models to guarantee its continued expansion. Territoires de Cirque has enlisted wholeheartedly in this urgent battle.


  • to create a place for dialogue and professional action dedicated to circus,

  • to be an active partner and source of proposals for the public, institutional and professional authorities, both nationally and internationally.