To support the circus’s creativity, and its capacity for innovation

  • know circus and make it known
    Through interaction and constant monitoring, the members of this network are aware of all the creative schools, help discover new stage writings and, through their expertise, fuel the curiosity of cultural operators about this art form.

  • bring circus to a broader audience in France and abroad
    Territoires de Cirque sets up meetings among professionals, takes part in such meetings in France and abroad, and is developing partnerships with French office for contemporary performing arts circulation [ONDA], the national information centre HorsLesMurs, the European plateform Jeunes talents cirque Europe, European agencies, etc.

  • support the creation and development of means of production
    Less than 2% of national arts funding is allocated to circus and too few companies receive local subsidies. Territoires de Cirque aims to convince national and local policy-makers to give greater consideration to the circus’s technical and professional characteristics and their effect on the creative process.

To help develop new cultural policies and interregional cooperative endeavors

  • participate in national and international discussions about culture, art, and support for circus everywhere.

  • furnish proposals to national and local governments to institute a policy resolutely in favor of circus. This art can be a vector of identity and reputation for the regions and a force for new cultural arrangements and cohesion.

  • encourage cooperative projects that foster interregional presentation and contribute to the artistic irrigation of the regions, in particular through creations under a big top.

  • assert art’s centrality to the cultural rights of peoples, help write public policies taking an active, citizen- and neighborhood-based approach.

Build a close relationship between audiences and circus

  • support the movement to broaden the circus’s audience
    Circus is constantly changing and always surprising. The members of Territoires de Cirque bear witness to this transformation in their programming and are increasing opportunities for artistic teams and audiences to meet to discuss works.

  • support circus creation and circulation under the big top
    It is the privilege of close to 25% of the five hundred some professional companies to have a big top—long the emblem of the circus. A powerful tool for the artists’ imagination, the big top draws the audience in and reaches the most far-flung areas. Territoires de Cirque especially supports big top circuses, which are taking a real economic risk.

  • Bolster and balance the “creation, circulation, cultural action” triptych to create a coherent, prospective whole that makes the most of the meeting between art and the regions.

Open circus up to the regions and the regions to circus

  • create places for professional activities and interaction devoted to an imaginative artistic discipline
    Help categorize the circus’s artistic forms and its potential in the regions by combining myriad experiences and knowledge of the discipline.

  • put our expertise and professionalism to work for cultural operators, in particular through regional studies and analyses commissioned by the national government and local governments that want to better organize their activities in support of the circus.