29 mars 2022

Communiqué - Press release


In this time of conflict, the members of TDC are eager to welcome this mobilization and to transmit this information.

Support for Ukraine Circus artists are mobilizing through a movement of international solidarity !

The largest circus collaboration in history of all genres has joined forces to support the Ukrainian circus community with jobs, costumes, training spaces, transport, visas, a home, and logistics…

Initiating this movement, is Aurelia Cats (VP Viktor Kee Foundation), Jasmine Straga (Board of Directors of the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque & the Global Alliance of Circus Schools) and Kristian Kristof (International Manager Recirquel Company).

Circus students from the Kyiv Academy and Kharkiv have been welcomed into schools around the world :

Germany : Europe Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin - Cabuwazi - Circus und Zeltpunkt Montelino - Cirque Active Stuttgart - Dobbelino
Czech Republic : Cirk La Putyka, Prague
Hungary : Recirquel - Capital circus of Budapest - Hungarian Ministry of Culture - Baross Imre Artistaképző Intézet Előadó-művészeti Szakgimnázium - Inspirál circus center - Balance & Torna Club
France : CNAC, Châlons-en-Champagne - La Maison de Nina, Marseille - CIAM - Centre International des Arts en Mouvement, Aix-en-Provence
Australia : Lee Academy
Sweden : Norrköpings Ungdomscirkus

This is a grass roots action run by the above individuals volunteering their time and who are working closely with the Kyiv Academy of Circus and Variety Arts and due to the urgency of its' nature it is not functiing as non-for-profit NGO. These volunteers are veterans in the industry and have undertaken extensive research and utlised their large network of industry professionals to connect students and artists to exactly what they need.

The evacuation and host organizations have not only rescued students from circus schools, but also adult circus artists, including their family and friends fleeing Ukraine.

For adult artists, they are provided with safe methods to flee Ukraine via car, foot or public transport. This is done by utilising live conflict maps, government data and the experiences of those who have recently crossed the border. They are also linked to people who can provide transportation both within Ukraine and beyond the border, in some cases also assist them book flights or trains, find accommodation, access medical treatment or food…

How can you help?

  • A crowdfunding campaign 'GoFundMe' was created to help support the children that have fled Ukraine so they can continue their studies in a safe environment.
    Donations can also be made at : https://gofund.me/5112d1f3

  • Several request forms have been created to request or provide assistance:

Ukrainian artists who need work and have left the border, use the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScbrML5b6IX4YXIoiAVFGShMKJm3Nz188N1tS5_UAqYnnU5aw/viewform

Ukrainian circus artists trying to leave Ukraine fill out the following form:

Circus and circus artists, directors, producers, agents, etc. who would like to offer a job or house to a Ukrainian artist, please fill out the following form:

Circus schools wishing to offer your training space to Ukrainian artists use the following form:

For performing arts schools that would like to support student dancers, singers and producers in these fields in their school, please complete this form:

For Ukrainian artists needing a costume replacement, please fill out the following form:

Some of the individuals & companys that have come together to support Ukraine :

Young Stage Festival, Switzerland
Capital Circus of Budapest
Baltijas Cirks - Latvia
Circus Belly - Austria
Rosante group - Italy
Cirque Alexandre Bouglione
Circus Olympia - Germany
Cirkus Syd - Sweden
Circus Brazil Jack
Fondazione Cirko Vertigo
Centre International des Arts en Mouvement (CIAM) - International Center for Arts in Motion, France
Cheval Art Action
La Maison de Nina, France
Balance Akrobatika & Torna Club
Inspirál circus center
Circus Studio Folie
Recirquel Company
National Circus Art Center
CircO Hannover
CircArtive School
Zirkusschule Dobbelino
Ines Rosemann
Circus Schatzinsel (Vuesch gGmbH)
Jugendkulturarbeit e.V.; Educational institution "Internationale Jugendprojektehaus (IJP)" in Oldenburg
Jokes die Circusschule e.V.
Die Zirkusfabrik
Circus CabuwAzi Treptow
Circus Waldoni
Cirkus Gymnasiet/ Cirkus Cirkör
Zirkus Trainingszentrum Fly
Norrköpings ungdomscirkus
The Oak Circus Centre
Circus Flora
Le PeTiT CiRqUe
Satasirkus ry
Cnac - France
Kristian Kristof
Natalia Demjen
Rikardo Ledman
Gabor Karsa
Cirko Sapiens
Circus Works Devoran
Escola Circo VagaMundo
Oulun Tähtisirkus
LATIBUL Theater- und Zirkuspädagogisches Zentrum Köln
Sirkuskoulu Rainbow
Pukinmäki Art Schools, Pukinmäki Circus School
Zirkus Tasifan
Kinder- und Jugendzirkus Paletti e.V.
CIRCUS BOSCH/La Scuola di Circo
Circus Rotjeknor
Freie Waldorfschule Wetterau
Circus und Zeltpunkt Montelino
Cirque Intense Preparatory School
Cirka Cirkus
Merscheider Turnverein
Circus Odyssey - Lithuania
Palazzo - Germany
The Circus Community in Lublin - Poland
Circo Peppino Medini - Italy
Nouveau Cirque Zavatta - France
Circus Studio Ffolie, Tallinn - Estonia
Culpepper and Merriweather circus - USA
Hudson’s circus - Australia
Västerås, Sweden
United Kingdom ~ Let's Circus
Gycklargruppen TRiX
The wonder circus
Circus Barlay
Mirene Cardinali Circus
Cork La Putyka - Czech Republic
Recirquel - Hungary
Sky crew circus arts - Greece
Finland Kuopio circus school - Finland
Cirque Rhodin
Lennon Bros Circus
Circus Brazil Jack
Satasirkus ry - Finland
Santus circus - UK
Circo Zavatta - Italy
Oaks Circus centre - Norwich UK
Russell’s international circus - Britain
Art Vision Production
J.S. Creations
Philip Terence Stanford
Bordeaux Circus School, France
Frederico Corda
Stephen Williams
Incandescence circus theatre company
Oliver Haeberle Circus Director
Vernados Circus
Circus Guide Entertainment Agency
Nicola Oliver
Gena Shvartsman Cristiani
Costumes by Salty Gypsy Cassandra Gasser
Yelena West-Dörfliger
Kristylee Nicowsky
Madelin Bisby
Bekki Mitzi Ashton
Roxanne Press from Everything Shiny

Press contact :
Territoires de Cirque
Delphine Poueymidanet, General Secretary
+33 (0)6 33 79 77 10
13 bis rue Henry Monnier – 75009 Paris

Territoires de Cirque — c/o ONDA 13, bis rue Henry Monnier — 75 009 PARIS — Secrétaire générale : Delphine Poueymidanet